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Zetes TSP provides certificate services and trust services for governments, the financial sector and private organisations. Zetes TSP qualifies as a Trust Services Provider as defined under the eIDAS regulation. Zetes TSP is an operational Business Unit of Zetes, which has been acquired, in 2016, by Panasonic.

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Certificate Practice Statements, Certificate Policies, TSP Terms and Conditions.

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CA certificate.

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Certificate Revocation Lists.

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PKI Disclosure Statements.

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Support, commercial questions and legal matters.

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EU trust mark logo positive The EU trust mark for qualified trust services identifies the qualified trust services provided by qualified trust service providers. It guarantees that the trust service (such as an electronic signature, seal, time-stamp, registered delivery service or website authentication) provided by a trust service provider which displays this logo on its website is trusted and is in line with the requirements under Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 (eIDAS Regulation).

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